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Our company philosophy can be summarized in just a few words:


Your satisfaction and success as our client is our primary goal!


We have profound knowledge of the specific customs and habits that are particular in Asia which is essential for being successful in Asian markets. Our experienced staff keeps closely in touch with you and will provide you with expert assistance and the best service possible at any time.



Our ambition is to create a successful future and long lasting business cooperation that lead to mutual satisfaction and profits for both sides.

Our primary goal is to help you as our client to merchandise your own products in the Asian markets and providing you with necessary components for production. Bobby Handels GmbH offers you competent cooperation at any time. Our profound expertise and your products will make us an invincible team.

Have we arouse your interest in our company? Would you like our expertise in offering your products in one of the biggest sales markets in the world? Then we are your right choice.





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